Online Programs

Building Connections Self-paced

  • 60-minute online program helping separated parents have strong, healthy relationships with their children. Studies have shown that children benefit when both parents are involved and co-operating in their lives. Building...

This contributes towards assisting separated parents to have strong, healthy relationships with their children.

AUD$25.00 (incl. )

Parenting Teens

  • Parenting teens is a 60-minute self-paced course developed to support adults in creating and maintaining positive relationships with their teenagers. This program will provide information, give practical hints and ti...
AUD$25.00 (incl. )

Todays Grandparents

  • This program assists grandparents to understand their role within the family. Grandparents will learn about what helps their relationships with their children and grandchildren. The program works to assist grandparents i...
AUD$25.00 (incl. )

Creating Positive Relationships

  • 30-minute online tool to help couples understand their financial and personality profiles, their communication styles and those of their partners – allowing couples to have positive interactions and healthier conve...

This contributes towards assisting couples who want to strengthen the connection in their relationship.

AUD$5.00 (incl. )