Online Programms

Digital Parenting in Today's World

  • AUD$25 (incl. )
This contributes towards assisting adults to support their young people in the digital age. Exploring social networking, cyberbullying and screen time..

Me & The Big Wide World

  • AUD$1122.00 (incl. )
This contributes towards exploration & creation awareness of different families. This program examines foetal & body development and strategies for protective behaviours..

Body Positivity

  • AUD$462.00 (incl. )
This contributes towards participants understanding ways of developing a positive body image, recognising influences on body image and gaining knowledge on looking after their bodies.

Shades of Pornography

  • AUD$462.00 (incl. )
This contributes towards participants exploring pornography as an industry, recognising pornography as fiction and understanding the difference between pornography and real life relationships.

Parent Info Session

  • AUD$462.00 (incl. )
This contributes towards parents and carers with information about our Primary School suite of programs.